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Our artwork comes directly from artists and publishers throughout the U.S. and Europe, artists and publishers we have known and admired over the past 20 years.


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Artist Name: Grigory Gurevich
Region: Mid-Atlantic US
  1. Flags
  2. Science
  3. The Tree
Biography: Grigory Gurevich is a member of New York Artists Equity Association, The American Artists Professional League and The Hudson Artists. He is a sculptor, painter, graphic artist and printmaker. Since 1992, he has been involved in creating art books - ''Reflections,'' ''Holocaust'' and rotating books. He studied visual arts, theater and music. His work was first exhibited in the United Exhibit of Artists in Moscow when he was fifteen years old. He received a Masters Degree in Art from the Academy of Fine and Industrial Arts of Sanct Petersburg. After graduation, he designed the interiors of public buildings in Russia. His first one-person exhibition was held in 1971, at the Architectural. In 1984 he was granted Citizenship and turned all his attention to producing and teaching arts. Grigory completed a sculpture tableau ''Commuters,'' which includes seven life-size characters (circa American 1935). It was cast in bronze in 1985 and was permanently installed at Pennsylvania Station, Newark, New Jersey. Since his arrival in the United States he's had about 70 exhibitions and conducted 200 sculpture workshops. He received many awards and honorable mentions for his sculptures, paintings and drawings. His artwork has been displayed in New York and New Jersey, Copenhagen (Denmark), Montgeron (France), Munich (Germany) and has been reviewed in several national publications and television programs. His artworks are part of the permanent collections of the Museum of Russian Contemporary Art in Jersey City, Rare Collection of Books of Newark Public Library, New York Public Library - Department of Prints and the Brooklyn Museum.