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Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) list is an excellent source for answers on using the art4business web site and on the corporate art industry.

Business Issues

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As a business, why purchase art on the internet?

Your time is valuable and with each new project you have more to do in less time. We have consolidated all of your business related art needs in one place - We have a registry of 500 artists with more than 3,000 artworks. There is a full range of price points and diversity of styles - from paintings and prints to small sculptures and monumental commissioned sculptures.

How are you different than other art web sites?

We are solely a business-to-business site dedicated to providing the full cycle of art and art related services for corporations.

Where does the art come from?

Our artwork comes directly from artists and publishers throughout the United States.

How much on average do most companies spend on art?

Most companies spend on average between $0.75 and $1.75 per square foot for public space. We have created an Art Budget Calculator that will give you a general estimate of the costs associated with a project, and will also outline the associated tasks.

Why do I need to insure my art collection?

Like other corporate assets, art should be insured for protection or replacement.

What is a Mission Statement and Master Plan for art collections?

A Mission Statement is a brief synopsis of your corporate goals and image. A Master Plan is the incarnation of a corporation's Mission Statement within the context of their art program. Master Planning includes the corporation's approach to acquisitions, physical care and maintenance of their collection and the business' approach to disposition and donations.

Personal Gallery

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How long can we reserve artwork in our Private Collection?

Artworks will remain in your collection for 30 days; you can place them on reserve for 24 hours to assure their availability.

Is there a limit to the number of artworks I can put in my Private Collection?

No, you may select as many works as you like.

Can I download a Private Collection to view as a hardcopy?

You can download images into your computer but the resolution is too low to print a high-quality picture. If you would like to order a print catalogue of your Private Collection please contact our artists relations department.

Will other members have access to the work on reserve in a Private Collection?

Only if you give them your password. You may want to share a collection with a colleague or with committee members by giving them your password and directing them to your Private Collection.

What is Disposition?

Disposition is the re-selling of surplus artwork from corporate art collections. art4business' Disposition Collection is organized on a bidding basis, offering potential savings.

Artistic Concerns

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Why does the artwork require museum framing?

Artwork that is not archivally framed is exposed to acids that will deteriorate the work over time. The early results of non-museum quality framing are acid burn discoloration and foxing.

How do we determine what height pedestal to buy?

art4business experts have designated pedestals that complement the artworks in both color and size. While there is no rule of thumb for accepted pedestal heights, we suggest assigning a height that elevates your sculpture close to standard eye height. Museum-standard eyelevel is usually 60".

If we like the art by a commission artist, how do we see more examples?

You can customize your art search to look for commissioned artworks, or contact an art4business specialist to help you in your search.


business issues | personal gallery | artistic concerns | services

How soon are orders filled?

Orders are completed in the order in which they are received. Once you have authorized all of the charges in your shopping cart, your unframed artwork generally arrives within 2 - 3 weeks.

Do I pay sales tax?

You pay tax if your business is incorporated in Pennsylvania. Each business is responsible for paying its own Use Tax. art4business will stay current with Federal Tax guidelines and laws and will make changes in accordance with these regulations.

What if the artwork arrives damaged?

If artwork arrives damaged you must contact art4business within 1 business day. We will coordinate all insurance and shipping claims.

Can I return a piece of art if I don't like it? Yes, after you receive a work of art you may decline it within 2 business days. Once you've made your final decision, you must contact art4business to coordinate the return shipment of the rejected piece (s). You are financially responsible for the related shipping costs.

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